Come through and lose that #quarantinefifteen!  But, please read this first.

These are all some crazy times, and at Gent’s, we want you to know that everyone’s safety is paramount.  With that, please review our FAQs and Giodelines with regard to our #covidcomeback.

***Please do not come in if you have been ill, think you might have been ill, dreamt you have been ill, or think you need to wear a mask in our gym.  Stay home and come back another day when you’re feeling healthy.***  

1. What are your hours and class times?  


Our new, temporary alternative schedule is M-F 9a-6p.  Class times will be 10:15, 4:15, and 5:15.  We will continuously assess the situation and update you all accordingly.  


2. When will I be billed again?  Are you prorating for the month of May? 


Billing will resume again on May 15th, at your current rate, and will be billed every 28 days thereafter.  


We are not prorating for the month of May.  


3. Are you sanitizing the equipment?  


The equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after every class - with your help (please see above).  Further, we will clean and sanitize every hour based on ‘open gym’ attendance.  


4. Can I bring my own cleaning products?  Do I need to?  


You do not need to bring any cleaning products, we will supply it all.  We are providing spray bottles with sanitizer.  After each class, we would appreciate your assistance.  Please wipe down your bag and/or your area.  


5. Can I still book personal training sessions?  


Yes!  We encourage you to still book and train as per usual.  Your trainers miss you, too!  


6. Do you have an occupancy limit?  


We are limiting class sizes to 10 members per class, for now.  Please see the above regarding pre-booking.  


7. Do I need to sign a release stating I’m well enough to exercise?  


No!  But, we urge you to stay home if you are not well.  


8. Am I required to wear a mask in the gym?  


Absolutely not!  In fact, it is highly frowned up. If you feel you need to wear a mask, please do not come into the gym.  


9. Will staff be wearing masks in the gym?


Staff will be provided with masks, however, it is not mandatory to be worn. If the staff is not well enough to be training, they will not be working.  


10. Are the showers available for use?  


At this time, we will keep the showers closed.  


11.  Do you offer a ‘kids class’, still?  


At this time, the kids’ class is suspended, however, your child can still book a personal training session.  


Updates will be posted online, on social media, and email as deemed appropriate or as messages are delivered from the Governor Ducey’s Office.  

Our sincerest thanks for sticking with us through all of this.  We are nothing without our members… our Gent’s Family. 

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